Simplify Payments and Accounting with Stripe and Sirvoy: A Game-Changer for Hotels and B&Bs

18 April 2024, 11:04 pm AEST

About half of small business owners say bookkeeping is their least favorite task, and we’re pretty sure the rest just aren’t admitting it. Making things worse, software that doesn’t work together means a lot of extra work inputting the same stuff over and over.

Does this sound familiar? A customer pays with a credit card and you process the payment with a point-of-sale terminal. Then, you tell yourself you’ll remember to manually add the payment into your booking system later. But, the life of a hotelier is hectic and of course, you forget. Later you’ve got the tedious task of manually sorting out the mismatched numbers.

Now, picture this: You’re using Stripe and Sirvoy, and they’re in perfect sync, whether payments come in online or in person. Here’s how it would look:

  • Payments through Stripe Terminal or Stripe Checkout take care of themselves, directly updating Sirvoy.
  • Sirvoy handles all the reconciliation without you lifting a finger.
  • You see exactly when and how much landed in your Stripe account.
  • No more manual data entry or trying to match up payment inconsistencies.
  • Plus, it simplifies training for your team.

Bookkeeping doesn’t look so bad when it just works, right? 

Choose the Sirvoy and Stripe Terminal Solution

When used with Sirvoy, Stripe Terminal is a game-changer for taking payments and keeping your books tidy with way less hassle. 

1. Keep Payments Smooth and Simple

Keep guest credit card info safe and all payments, whether they’re online with Stripe Checkout or face-to-face via Stripe Terminal, in one place. This makes keeping track of your money and reporting a breeze. Plus, you can easily add extra charges for your guest’s goodies or services onto their booking anytime.

2. Easy-to-Use, Secure Payment Terminal

Stripe offers the BBPOS WisePOS E-reader for hoteliers. It has a touchscreen PIN pad and wifi connectivity. Setup is a snap and it’s intuitive to use, ensuring a smooth payment process for everybody.

It takes all kinds of payments:

  • Card swipes, chips, and taps.
  • Mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay

3. Keep Your Books Clean

Every swipe or tap on the Stripe Terminal goes straight into your Sirvoy system, slashing the time you spend entering numbers by hand and cutting down errors. You get a crystal-clear view of your finances in real-time, making it easy to stay on top of payments, bills, and cash flow.

4. Focus on What’s Key

With Stripe and Sirvoy doing the heavy lifting on payments, you’ve got more time to grow your business and make sure your guests are making great memories.

Activate Your Stripe-Sirvoy Integration

Getting started with Stripe and Sirvoy is straightforward. Connect Sirvoy to Stripe, then order the terminal.  It really is that simple!  But for all the nitty gritty, we’ve prepared a detailed Stripe Terminal guide for each stage of the setup process.