Sirvoy follows best practices and will notify you in case of any security incident or data breach, as well as the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable law. However, there is still much you can do to secure your business and online presence.


Be careful when receiving emails or instant messages with clickable links. An email may appear to be legitimate, but the link takes you to a fake website, where you are tricked into giving away sensitive information. Always verify that you are on the correct website, by checking the web address (URL) in the browser. For more information:

Keep Your Passwords Safe

  • Never use the same password across various websites.
  • Never use easy-to-guess passwords like “password” or “123456”.
  • Use phrases rather than words, and a mix of letters, numbers and special characters. For example, if you want to use the phrase “I love chocolate” you can change it to “@1L0v3CH0c0L4t3!”
  • Even better, use a password management tool.

A Secure Booking Engine

When you add the Sirvoy booking engine widget on your website, you can rest assured that we will take care of securing it. Communication will be encrypted, information will be kept secure, and the widget will automatically be updated and will always be the latest version.

Keeping Your Website Secure

  1. Only use well-known products and services.
  2. Check regularly that server software and plugins have all the latest upgrades and updates installed.
  3. Remove unused plugins, to avoid security vulnerabilities in plugins.
  4. Subscribe to newsletters to get notifications in case of released updates.
  5. Do regular backups (and test restoring, to make sure it works).

If you would like to get more technical and read about the top threats, the OWASP project reports on the most common threats for web applications: