In the unlikely event of your property needing to be evacuated, you can simplify the evacuation procedure by taking advantage of the Units page.

Select the tab “Evacuation list” to show only currently occupied rooms. This filtered view will always automatically show the current date and time only. This allows your staff to easily print a real time list of individuals currently checked in, thus ensuring that all guests are evacuated in a safe and timely manner.

To print an evacuation list that is as accurate as possible, please take into consideration the following:

  • Only bookings that have been checked in will appear on the evacuation list.
  • Any booking that has been checked out will not appear in the list (even if the actual check out date would lie in the future.)
  • If more than one booking is checked in for the same unit(s) at the same time, the total of all checked in guests for the unit(s) concerned will be shown. This may lead to an inaccurate list. To avoid this, please do not have more than one booking checked in for the same unit(s) at the same time.

An accurate reflection of the current occupancy at the time of evacuation will contribute greatly to an efficient evacuation procedure. The printed copy of the evacuation list will include a timestamp of when it was printed, allowing you to always have the latest printed list at your disposal.