To restore your password:

  1. Go to Sirvoy -> Login -> Forgot your password?
  2. Fill out your username and email address, check the box “I’m not a robot” and click on “Restore account”
  3. Select where you want to receive the restore code, email or SMS, and click “Select method”.
  4. If you choose SMS, enter the restore code in the SMS you received and click on “Submit code”. Write your new password twice and click on “Change password”.
  5. If you choose email, follow the link in the email you received and write your new password twice and click on “Change password”.



“I did not receive any email or sms”

Please check the spam folder in your email application or contact to enquire which email address is registered with us. Alternatively use the email function if no SMS was received.

“I have forgotten my username”

Send an email to and we will reply with the username.

“I receive an error message when trying to restore. ‘No match on that combination of username and email.'”

You may have entered incorrect or misspelled information in one of the two required fields. Either the username or the email address is wrong or misspelled. If you can’t remember your username or email for your account, please contact for assistance.