Google Hotel Ads allows you to have guests book directly through your own website, instead of via OTAs. Google will display your prices and link to your website from Google Search, Google Maps, etc.

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> Google Hotel Ads and click “Edit”.
  2. Enable the feature and select your bid level and budget. You may want to start with a low bid and raise the bid if your ads are not showing. We recommend a minimum CPC of $1-2. A higher bid may be necessary if the same room rate is offered by other OTAs.
  3. Enter the URL for the page where you have installed the Sirvoy booking engine on your website, for example
  4. The actual advertisement costs will be deducted each month from your Sirvoy account balance on behalf of Google. Currency conversion may occur.

Tip: An important part of your marketing strategy on Google is to make sure that your property has a well updated profile on Google+ and Google Places (or the new Google My Business and Google+ Local), with pictures, descriptions, etc.