When bookings are received from channels they might on rare occasions be divided into different rooms. If the same room is available for the whole period, the booking will of course be put into that particular room. However, if no room is available for the whole period, the booking will still go through.

Why does this happen?

The booking channels count the room availability per day, not for specific rooms. For example, let’s say room 101 is available on Friday and room 102 is available on Saturday. The booking channel will interpret this as: “Friday: 1 room, Saturday: 1 room”, or in other words: “1 room is available from Friday to Saturday”. Technically, that is true, but it creates a problem since no guest wants to change rooms during their stay.

Is there a solution?

Unfortunately, this is nothing that can be automatically prevented or solved. However, in most cases, you might be able to move around bookings to make room for an uninterrupted stay. The “Optimize (reduces gaps if possible)” option in the Room Assignment settings and the drag-and-drop feature on the Calendar page can be useful for this purpose.

It may also help to regularly review the Calendar page and try to optimize the room assignments. By reducing the number of small gaps and creating bigger chunks of availability, it is more likely that new bookings can be added without issues.

If you don’t have many units in your room types, there is also the option to add several room types to the channel, followed by a corresponding amount of room types in Sirvoy with one unit per room type. These ones can then be mapped to the channel, unit by unit. Note that this may require more effort, as prices and restrictions must be set for all room types, but it can work as a possible solution to avoid this scenario.

Note: This issue only affects bookings received from channels. When making a booking through your Sirvoy account or the booking engine, bookings will not be accepted unless the same room is available throughout the stay.