Different channels provide different options when it comes to guests’ payments and your way of receiving these. Often, credit card details (either the guest’s or CC details of a Virtual card) are provided. Because these will not always be displayed on your channel extranet after a connection is established, please make sure to use at least one (we recommend using both) of the following solutions for receiving and handling card details.

1. Stripe

Our recommended payment solution Stripe allows you to both store and charge guests’ credit cards. However, virtual cards provided by the channel will, in most cases, not be automatically saved with Stripe but can however be charged using this solution. Because a thorough security check is completed, the card might be declined rendering it inadmissible to Stripe, even though it was accepted by the channel. From within the Sirvoy booking you will have a clear indication when a guest needs to update the credit card. If valid, an updated card will be saved in Stripe.

2. Sirvoy Vault

Our “Sirvoy Vault” feature allows you to automatically save all credit card details, both guests’ credit cards and virtual cards. With this feature you can, from within the Sirvoy booking, choose to have card details displayed in a secure way whenever you like. Stored virtual cards can be forwarded to Stripe for processing. No validation is done before a card is saved with this feature.

Please see the related articles for important detailed information on each one of these solutions.