Different rates need to be activated on Booking.com, depending on how you like to set your pricing.

Single Room and room types at a fixed price
Single Rooms should have “Standard rate” set up at Booking.com. With this rate, Booking.com will receive one price from Sirvoy for the room type. (The same rate should be set up if you sell beds in dorm.)

Double Room
If you want to sell a Double Room allowing either 1 or 2 guests to book, “Standard rate” is not enough. You will need to ask Booking.com to activate a “Single Use Rate” too. With these two rates activated, Booking.com is able to receive price for 1 and 2 persons, from Sirvoy. Please set up both rates on Booking.com, whether you sell the Double Room at a fixed price or you have different prices for 1 and 2 persons.

Triple Rooms (or more)
If you want to sell a Cottage, with prices from 3 guests, up to for example 12 guests, “Standard rate” or “Single use rate” will not work. You will instead need to activate “Derived Rate”. Ask your account manager at Booking.com to activate this rate for your roomtype. If you want to sell a room, cottage at a fixed price (one price whatever the number of guests), instead activate “Standard rate” on Booking.com.

Derived rates in detail

Example: Let’s say you have created a “Quadruple room” for 4 people in Sirvoy and in Booking.com, and mapped them together. Now you want the 4 different prices you have set in Sirvoy to display on Booking.com, when someone books there, depending on the number of persons chosen by the guest. Ask your account manager at Booking.com to activate  “Derived Rate” for this roomtype.

With derived rate Booking.com only receives the highest (or lowest) price that is sent from Sirvoy for the room type (400$ from the above example). Then, the prices for 3,2,1 persons, (or opposite) have to be manually set with your Booking.com account manager.

You will have to inform them on the highest price for 4 persons and also give them the prices that should be set for 3,2,1 persons. Booking.com will create a “discount stair” set from the highest price.

For example, if they collect 400$ for 4 persons and set that 3 persons should be -100$, 2 persons -200$ and 1 person -300$ and this will result in 3 persons = 300$, 2 persons = 200$, 1 person = 100$.

This means that if you change your price in Sirvoy for 4 persons to 500$ the prices will result in 3 persons = 400$, 2 persons = 300$, 1 person = 200$.